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  1. M

    How is Currenxie now and do it works with Wise?

    I must say you understand how to make people nervous about banks and EMI's - I read the thread about Wise and that they are closing accounts in an instant. Now, I would like to spread my 300K euros so that it's not all just with Wise, but rather distributed across 3 - 4 EMI's - I already have a...
  2. W

    Advice needed for personal multicurrency account

    Long story short: Wise closed my account with 100K on it, despite me providing all documentation they requested. Now i can still appeal, but part of the process is to provide a new bank account so that they transfer the balance if the appeal,is rejected. There is no working around. i want to...
  3. bizman

    If Wise is going to close accounts and is not the best, how diversify the money?

    What EMI's would you suggest as good alternatives and to spread your risk? This is for a EU company which is unable to open a real bank account with a real bank? We have the Revolut which people are satisfied with, but are there others? And how would you rate Revolut for business activity in...
  4. J

    Best way to purchase bitcoin with EMI debit cards? (wise, payoneer)

    What is the safest way to buy crypto with EMI debit cards from wise or payoneer? minimizing the account lock risk as they restrict buying crypto.
  5. clemens

    Fund kraken from Wise by SEPA, possible?

    I know there have been a lot of discussions already about it. But do you know if Wise allows to fund my Kraken account by SEPA transfer?
  6. MagicMatt

    Atlantic Money - better than Wise?

    Has anyone tried Atlantic Money? They seem to have great tech and I am going to use them to start moving 6 figures. They claim they are up to 10x cheaper than Wise. https://atlantic.money/gb/en/
  7. bluelama

    Questions about anonymous UK LTD for french resident + some kind of Online Banks to store cash for Ecom business.

    Hello everyone, i've been reading since last year but never posted. My question is about how to keep working and generating profits from here (french resident) with a UK LTD. My accountant told me something about the UK gov not communicating with the french gov, and told me it's ok for me to do...
  8. M

    Any affordable EMI/Banks usable with WISE? I need a debit card

    Hi! I am from Bangladesh. WISE app gives me options to receive money in various bank accounts in different currencies, but does not issue a card. Only safe option I have is withdrawing the money to a BDT account on my local bank. While trying to SWIFT the USD balance to an USD account with the...
  9. S


    Hello guys, can you tell me which information Wise gives to the original country of a client (exchange info's about their funds, a new acc made and so on). I asked Wise also, but they said that they don't give any info away, so that's kinda weird to me. Ty
  10. wellington

    Wise Card

    Use the wise card for paying automated bills (hosting etc) - don't even hold the physical card. Just realised i can't order a new one come later part this year as I don't reside in the EU/UK etc. Anyone found a way around that?
  11. H

    Topping up AdvCash using WISE (formerly transferwise)

    I'm sure this has probably been asked before, but has anyone had any recent experience with topping up their Advcash account using WISE? I have successfully done it with my paysera account today but they seem to put all kinds of weird, unexplained holds on your funds first before they'll let...
  12. B

    Wise personal and business account deactivated during opening for NPO

    Hello During registration of a Wise account for non-profit orgaisation Wise deactivated my personal account and account used by my company. Wise provided an explanation that the account has exceeded their risk tolerance. After providing documentation about source of income, Wise refunded all...
  13. M

    To change my Wise address yes or no

    So very silly questions but I only can ask this stuff here... I have this Wise account that have an old address of a friend in London as I received the card there and then never change it because Wise never asked me for anything. I am now in South America and I use the card here. Should I change...
  14. E

    BVI company - Bank account to transfer to Binance and other crypto exchanges.

    I have a BVI company with a Wise bank account. I intend to use it for a P2P merchant business on a crypto exchange. Unfortunately, Wise does not support transfers to crypto exchanges. Please recommend a bank that will allow me to accept international payments (USD) with a high monthly limit...
  15. I'mRobot

    Kraken delayed payout!

    Two days ago I ordered a bank Withdrawal from Kraken to Wise, usually they are there the same day or at least the day after. Now 2 days later they are still not arrived! Do I need to worry about the situation? I have not yet wrote any support of this firms, waiting today to go and see.
  16. Vesemir

    WISE to TradeStation not working

    Hello, from my WISE llc account I’m not able to send money ( USD) to my TradeStaion account. Any suggestions, experiences?
  17. SoNewToAllShit

    I have Wise account, what are similar neobanks?

    The title already say it, what are similar neobanks / emi's like Wise? I don't just want to depend on one alone, you know, never put all your eggs in the same basked. Accounts are opened for European companies!
  18. lory

    Wise charge 55 EUR for business account opening!

    I just created a new Wise business account, in the past they never charged for it, now they charge 55 EUR for the account opening. Is that also for personal accounts?
  19. CoinMaster

    Is it possible to transfer money from Kraken to Wise account ?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to send money from Kraken to Wise ? It the FAQ from wise it says: Kraken is from the USA isn't it?
  20. S

    Transferwise deactivated account to Bankera

    Hello, today my almost two-year wise account has been deactivated for no reason. The account was normally used, I had around 15-20k euros there. I now need to transfer money from the blocked wise somewhere. Will Bankera be a good place? With such amounts, do they ask a lot of questions to prove...