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Hi all, would really appreciate some guidance.

I'm looking for a remote opening, personal bank with a small amount of business income. Need a physical card, shipped to Ecuador.

Crypto friendly, payments outbound go through Payoneer and deposited back through Kraken.

Looking to hold a portfolio of various currencies. Small return on savings would be cool as I’m holding cash (because of the current gongshow and inflation here is 2.8% so any loss is more than covered by other revenue streams).

CD account options for 12 months, or less for laddering. I can get 8% here for 12 months but the messing around and service is awful.

Looking for very easy self completed wire transfers to US and Ecuadorian accounts. Low cost. No hassles with phone calls to verify transaction or other messing around/delays.

Looking for high quality service and trusted reliable bank. For one of those exclusive banks I can hold a bunch in their account, so not a barrier.

UK Citizen. Ecuadorian resident. No dodgy sources of income, no dodgy deals.

All help and advice much appreciated.
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you would require to setup a biz banking acct, A duly registered Entity: Entity would acct as Supplier/purchaser of Local raw materials goods and services to and from south america, incoming payments from entity to receiving ecaudorian acct, would act as B2B Transactions..

look for a bank with good history with south american markets, the above would have south america declared as major activity of business account..

for Transanctions to US account, an Emi would be most suitable, Physical banks would require the Facta Clause, among other sub declaration clauses.etc..

A Biz Emi setup for outgoing TRX to a US based acct would be more realistic and achieveable.

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