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An Anonymous Offshore Bank with EUR, GBP, & USD Accounts, No CRS? Online Banking & No Visit Required!


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Apr 17, 2009
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In 2024, where can I find an anonymous, preferably offshore bank that offers a pathway to bypass CRS (if feasible), guarantees easy approval for accounts in EUR, GBP, and potentially USD, demands online banking capabilities, and eliminates the need for in-person visits? I'm looking for a corporate bank account solution for my offshore company (Panama & Hong Kong) that simplifies the process while ensuring maximum privacy and convenience?
If nothing has substantially changed in the last ~1 year then e.g. banking in North Macedonia is reported to be quite fine. Halkbank, Silk Road Bank, ProCredit... Nevertheless it does not fulfill your requirements from the first post – personal visit inevitable and a Panama company will hardly be onboarded, a Hong Kong one might be if having some ties to North Macedonia and I guess more likely just with Silk Road Bank...
Which banks for personal account would you recommend ?
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Which banks for personal account would you recommend ?
The above named, then it depends on the intended usage – transactional banking/card usage vs. savings. In both cases I personally would start with Halkbank, for the former I would continue with Silk Road Bank, for the latter with ProCredit.
Beware: My information has not been refreshed for ~a year and I am currently not using any of these banks personally. Re-checking and own DD is more than recommended and input from some other member more than welcome...

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