ancoriabank experiences?

Discussion in 'Cyprus Bank Accounts' started by Freewilly, Oct 18, 2017.

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    They are very new as it seems, not sure if they are a lefover of any other bank from the past. However, worth to have a look at.
  3. Michalis Iosif

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    Ancoria was in Cyprus as an insurance company. Now they expanded to banking sector as well. They hired and hiring a lot of people. It offers various services to local and international clinets. You can open a bank account after they will perform the necessary KYC procedures. If your earnings are legal/clear there is no problem to open a new account.
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    They require an introducer as well as any other bank in Cyprus does, is this correct?
  5. Michalis Iosif

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    No, you can open a bank account either by yourself or through an introducer. There are some KYC procedures. Most important is the sources of income.