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and it can take a long time to recover those costs

Exactly. To get break-even costs for personal account opening takes around 1,5 years. So they for sure don't want to close the accounts when they don't have to.


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Hello people,

I open a personal account with Bankera in March 2021 and completed verification Level 1, now i received 800 EUR and try to resend the money to a customer but i can´t because they have a ridicolous 1000 EUR anual limit for that level. Now i already submited the aplication for Level 2 and 3 that give you 1000 EUR limit by month or without any limits for receive and send. Do you know how much time they took for accept this aplication for new level and remove that poor limits? Thank you

Awful service. I've been waiting more than a month for level 3 verification (personal account). I supposedly have level 2 (1000 Eur a month) verification, but I can't send any money. I have 1000 Euro locked and their support just can't seem to help. Do not recommend.
Hello P3p386,

Did you already pass the verification level 2 or 3 for can send 1000 Eur limit by month? I have the same problem, i hope they answer my aplication more quickly than you. Did you try contact them by chat or email? Seeya

Hello, i get verified tier 3 complete in Bankera in about 3 business days and can send only Euro payments via SEPA without any limits, i don´t have any problem with this Bank by this moment. Thanks to @Gediminas that can speed up the process for me, i recommend his services to all forum. Seeya


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anybody knows if Bankera accepts business accounts for US LLC with sole member being a non US resident? Company deals with software apps.

Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution

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