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  1. J

    Question Bankera allows physical card for nonEEAs ?

    AFAIU, the website clearly states all card fees for nonEEAs. This sounds too good to be true, since it is literally not possible to get the physical card for a nonEEA. Even the major players like Wirex and ADVcash keep that product in the "coming soon" status for years. With the current...
  2. K

    Initial Bankera fees for newly incorporated company in Cyprus

    Hi folks, I'd like to ask you for advice on a question. I have just created a new company in Cyprus, managed from abroad but with a secretary and an office in Cyprus. I have a hard time opening bank accounts. Many banks say the risk level of my business is higher than they can tolerate. My...
  3. W

    Best EMI + Card Provider for Seychelles IBC Company?

    I'm looking for an EMI that provides cards for Seychelles IBC Companies. I'm a non-EU citizen and it's hard getting a card. If someone has a solution, please let me know. TransferWise and Bankera do not offer cards. And since PayPal can't hold money belonging to Seychelles Companies, they are...
  4. M

    Question Bankera withdraw from paypal

    Hi, Can i withdraw money from Paypal to Bankera with IBAN (SEPA)?
  5. Singa

    Any BANKERA.COM experiences?

    Hi guys ✋, Who had any experiences with BANKERA.COM , good or bad, as i'm looking to open an account there, and from i see, they provide really good seivces, with personal IBAN account they give you, and be able to receive payments from 3rdPartys Unlike Payoneer, and on top of that, is CRYPTO...
  6. Singa

    Does Transferwise will not reject my transaction if the funds are sent from an IBAN with my name? ex(

    Hi everybody, In my situation, the only and the best way to me to Cash out my crypto is thru TransferWise, and i just want to make sure is ok to send to TW from crypto platform that gives u Personal IBAN with your name? If you had any experience u can tell with this very situation, would be...
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