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Ezequiel D

New member

I'm looking for incorporate a company in the EU, our main company is in the UK, for import/export reason.
I was targeting the Netherlands and I saw this company Buycompany.
No sure if they are good or not because there is no review on the internet but the website it seems to be fair for a company on this business.
Has anyone any thought about this website/company?
They suppose to be in Amsterdam, I feel confident but the main problem that there is no review make me don't go ahead.




New member
They appear to be part of Blaustein Lawyers, based upon shared Google Analytics tags on the sites. The firm has its roots in the Netherlands. However, they had an issue in Malta back in July, leading to disqualification from the Malta FSA. I cannot see them as registered on Advocate Norde (the Dutch Bar), and their entity name is "BlauStein CS B.V." without the "lawyers" they trade with. Further, in 2018, De Nederlandsche Bank withdrew some form of licence (from what I can gather, as a trust service provider) from Blaustein. It appears as though they planned to appeal, but I have no further information available.

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