1. G

    Question How to Reduce my Tax Liabilities? Recommended setups

    Hello everyone! I’m currently self-employed with Hungarian citizenship offering remote consulting service. Working long term with a US based partner for ~100k USD per year and also dealing with about 70k USD/yr of crypto that I get paid from an EU partner. These are not large amounts so I...
  2. aage

    Virtual Office in EU - easy setup

    For everyone that is looking for a real Virtual Office solution with addresses in almost all parts of Europe, mail forwarding, mail scan and emailing service, phone service and much more I can tell you that the below service is for you. When I relocated from my current...
  3. M

    Do i need pay VAT in USA with Estonian company? B2C

    #USA #EU #VAT Hi, I founded a tech company in Estonia. We operating international website where users can buy contents (pictures & videos). If i have company with residence in Estonia (EU) but customer from USA and make a (B2C) purchase on my website, do i have to pay VAT to USA? (Based on...
  4. marioIT

    Question Best visegrad country for online business? (Hungary, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia)

    Hi, I've got plenty of friends pestering me daily with questions like this. Some did the best thing and left EU, but many others like French, Italians and Spanish want to relocate away from their tax hellholes without going too far away from their home country. So that they can fly back easily...
  5. L

    Best setup for side hustle (consulting business)

    Hi Guys, There are a lot of posts that go in the direction of what I am about to post, but many of them always have a small factor that varies, so I prefer to create a clean thread. Hope that's okay Context: >> 9-5 jobs as employee in Germany >> Doing consulting on the side each months...
  6. maxmoney

    What would be the best digital nomad visa europe ?

    What would be the best digital nomad VISA for someone wanting to be in Europe but not be a citizens of any EU country? It has been difficult to find the right country for me so far.
  7. Wildefox

    Danish Company Structuring - Investment firm

    Hello, I have a rather complex situation I would like some guidance on. I am currently living in Denmark, with no interest in relocating at the moment. I’d like to open an investment firm/family office offshore for myself and some clients, at first just trading stocks, but potentially...
  8. ImKing

    Switzerland has no extradition agreement with some of the EU / European countries!

    The last day I learned that Switzerland has no extradition agreement with many of the EU / European countries. That mean, if you lived in a particular country and cheated your tax auth. for tax, VAT etc. & you're willing to relicate (also you must have money for that) to the Switzerland, they...
  9. N

    Which EU Country for avoiding Tax?

    If you would have the choice to live in any EU Country, which country would you choose to avoid paying any taxes? All the income would come from Poland and Germany. It would be also important, that registration of Tax Number, Business and so on, is possible remotely without visiting that...
  10. James Spader

    Obtaining Residence Permits – Rules, Laws & Methods to Gain a Permit

    Obtaining residence permits comes with all kinds of pluses and minuses. Then, there are so many myths that you barely know what to believe. There is always someone out there who claims to know everything. Now, no matter where you are trying to settle, there are usually two options to choose from...
  11. carlosbl

    Best jurisdiction in Europe to set up an Alternative Investment Fund

    Hi, I would like to set up an Alternative Investment Fund (private equity, commodities). What would be the best option in Europe? How long would it take? Thanks.
  12. F

    Need Advice - I screwed up, and i don't have money for taxes..

    Hey guys, I never thought I will be writing a post similar to this. I'm thankful for any kind of help or advice because I don't know what to do, and I'm under the pressure - can't think clear anymore. To give you a context: - I'm Software Developer, usually contracting for companies or...
  13. S

    Suppliers from Italy - Customers in Europe - Is it possible to set up the business in Singapore?

    Hi everyone, I will be launching my e-commerce business soon. It's basically like a marketplace of Italian products (including food). Customers will be mainly in Italy and other parts of EU We also plan to offer our products globally (once we find the right logistics company) My dilemma: My...
  14. Ezequiel D

    Any thought about

    Hello, I'm looking for incorporate a company in the EU, our main company is in the UK, for import/export reason. I was targeting the Netherlands and I saw this company Buycompany. No sure if they are good or not because there is no review on the internet but the website it seems to be fair for...
  15. tradingworldwide321

    Corporate bank account for cashing out bitcoin payments in USD/ EUR for 500k+

    Hi there I work in the forex industry (not crypto) with my own funds. There's a broker that let me trade extremely high and thanks for that I can open bigger positions every day. However, I can only deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin. I don't have problems engaging businesses with the biggest...
  16. Ashitaka

    Best ways to cash out crypto trading

    I have read 99% of the threads about this topic and eventhough there are some interesting theories I haven't seen many testimonials about people cashing out >$500k from crypto investing and/or trading in Europe. It seems to me that the best options for figures around $500K - $2MM are via flat...
  17. A

    British/French Overseas Territories and 9 Outermost Regions (OMR) + Gibraltar status?

    Hi guys, I would like to know that what countries form a part of the European Union from this list. These are overseas territories of some European countries. As I see on Wikipedia that 9 Outermost Regions (OMR) and Gibraltar are in. Therefore, a company - which is registered there - from these...
  18. T

    Paysera, Revolut, TransferWise and tax

    Hello, I am EU citizen and I'm starting some affiliate marketing job in order to generate some side income. I have my regular job so I don't want to receive payouts from my side job on my regular bank account because of the taxes. I own Paysera, Revolut and TransferWise accounts and my question...
  19. D

    Best low tax EU country for freelancing

    Do you know any EU country to operate as freelance or sole proprietorship with a low tax burden? Ideally with a flat tax no higher than 15%. Found this useful site comparing freelance taxes across countries with different tax schemes and life cost per city:
  20. D

    Strategies for living in the EU near tax-free with low profile

    Thinking about ways of living in the EU with a low profile and getting benefit of the 183 days rule in order to avoid tax residency status. Let's put a concrete example of one possible strategy: Bob is a citizen of a high-tax large EU country (A). He moved to another EU country (B) for job...