Anybody can provide residency papers?


Is there a way to show to the banks I'm resident to a country (I want to show I'm resident in Philippines, residency than I'm getting in real in a few months, but they asked me for a declaration of residency now, and probably a TIN)

Andrew Gooden

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Why not just have a Lawyer of a prominent law firm deal with your affairs with the bank. Instead of obtaining fake papers, which could enforce problems for you in the near future. Consider you will soon be a legal resident in a few months, so why create problems for yourself? Greeting Bibling!


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hello, do you want barangay certificate or tax res,dency certificate ? if you need barangay certificate, you need to go local barangay office or use an agency to get it. or you can also get similar document from your embassy in philippiness.

but if you need tax residency certificate, and i think you need it,it is completely different story

i got my TIN number in thailand upon my 2 months single entry tourist visa. but i dont know it in philippines

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