Anyone created a Monese bank account without an EU/EEA passport?

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  1. buenosdias

    buenosdias Active Member

    I'm a non-EU/EEA citizen and a resident. I really need to open a Monese bank account for its benefits. Also it's one of the easiest ways to acquire a UK bank account.

    However, they only accept residents in EU/EEA area. I read in some places that you can get an account without being in EU/EEA using a mail forwarding address.

    Have anyone created an account like that or in any other way?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    The same situation.

    In FAQ, they write the next:

    We are able to provide UK Business accounts to any authorised individual (e.g. Director) of a company registered with UK Companies House with a registration number.
    You can apply even if you live outside of the UK as long as you are registered at Companies House.

    I have downloaded app and started the process. But there first I need to open a personal account. For a personal account available only EU countries.
  3. extremedox101

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    i'm also i'm in the middle of this process to open account but i feel it's not worth it because the cards limits are very low .
    monese sound like good solution for non EU nationalities who can't open normal bank accounts , brilliant idea but their faq says we welcome EU residents ....notice they have video verification !Monese UK
  4. altair77

    altair77 New Member

    You have tried revolut or Monzo ???
    I dunno if they open a corporate account but you can check ....
  5. KJK

    KJK Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Monese in general are very backward and behindhand.

    Basically the only normal acceptable use case for them is something like "I'm a Polish guy working in UK and I send my monthly salary to Monese".
    If you do anything slightly different or unusual, they will repeatedly annoy you with their KYC/compliance, repeatedly freeze your account or close it all together.

    I'm not even talking about using it for anything beyond their very limited imagination (like crypto, trading, investing, transfers outside Europe...)

    By the way, an source from within them told me they have an external department of hired people in an unnamed third world country who post fake positive reviews to, you can recognize the fake reviews easily (6000 from 7000 reviews on Trustpilot are their fakes)
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  6. MrTony

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    "Unfortunately, we only have the option to open business accounts for residents of the EEA. We looking to expand the service in the future but at the moment is not possible. "
  7. buenosdias

    buenosdias Active Member

    No luck with Revolut either. Only for EU peeps. Don't know about Monzo though. Do you have any experience with them? Will they accept a non-EU/EEA citizen/resident?
  8. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    Seems they can open only for EU-residents, but who live outside EU.
  9. Bmw850

    Bmw850 Active Member

    So where an non Eu citizen can open business account with an European company?
  10. MrTony

    MrTony Trusted Member Business Angel

    Moneta International

    But mostly you need a clear and understandable business for this EMIs.
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  11. Bmw850

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    Thank you !