Anyone know of any reliable options to form offshore corp and set up banking?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by Maikol, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    Searching online comes up with 100s of online services that assist in setting up corp and accounts. 90% those seems to be one scam or the other.

    Anyone who can suggest a good company that can assist with setting up offshore company and corp account. I need something that can do this in a timely manner. If anyone has any recommendations and/or experience using one, please advise. Would really appreciate the help.
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    You may let us know what your business is, where you want to incorporate and what your goals are! Otherwise this thread will end up in a spam thread which I will delete or even just close.
  3. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    OK. I was hoping for Seychelles for corporation as I hear their privacy laws are great. (correct me if I am wrong). I would prefer to have EU banking if possible but I am nothing if not flexible. I am also happy to work with banks in Hong Kong or Singapore, but I do hear that Singapore is no longer keen on opening account unless you have a substantial amount to deposit.

    I am able to do a company incorporation in the Uk but would prefer something a bit more private than that as UK company infos are easily found through a simple google search.
  4. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    Ohh with regards to business, 2 main purposes. One I do a fair bit of crypto trading. I need a bank account that can support this. Second, I run a sales and marketing consultancy and would also like to use the account to received monthly payments from my clients.
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    It's almost impossible to find a "normal" bank for crypto business. your best option so far may be MisterTango and Revolut which both accept this type of business.

    Seychelles and Belize, the latter is the best in regards to privacy.
  6. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Crypto trading with personal funds?
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  7. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    Yes. Why does that sound strange? I am not the first one to do trading with their own money. A lot of people do that for a living.
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  8. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    Thank you. Any suggestions on any service I can use for this or If is it something I am able to do on my own.
  9. Admin

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    No one said it sounds strange I think! Actually I think most are doing that once they have made sufficient with profits.
  10. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    For example a Belize or St. Kitts and Nevis company (the second is better than the first) + Mistertango (for crypto) + Leupay.
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  11. Admin

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    Mistertango is good. What should be better with a St. Kitts compared to BZ company ?
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  12. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    For example Privacy, Registry, Business and much more.
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  13. lostman

    lostman Active Member Entrepreneur

    I have great privacy with Belize and darks :D
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  14. Richmond

    Richmond Active Member Entrepreneur

    I have companies in both jurisdictions, but Saint Kitts is better.
  15. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    wonder what makes it better! Can't really see the difference! I have 3 Belize corps and 2 Seychelles corps. as we speak Belize is offering the best privacy i.e. my name does not appear anywhere and I have Cyprus accounts as well as Poland, German and Latvian bank accounts for the entities.

    I would really like to learn why St. Kitts is better?
  16. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    anyone guide me in how to set up a company in any of these jurisdiction. I am asking cuz there are way too many companies online claiming to help with this but most of them seem to be "questionable" at best. If it is something I am able to do by my self, I will be more than happy to do it. I would like to get this done without delays and issues. I will sign up with leupay and mistertango once I have the companies ready. At least that eliminates my headache of needing a bank account. Still would be nice if I could open an account that is reliable and safe.
  17. Maikol

    Maikol New Member

    Hey did you have these companies set up by yourself or did you use a Service to help you do these? I don't know how reliable Latvian banking is anymore. Seems like they do have some issues and troubles going on over there.
  18. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    I have great success with offshorecorpgroup.com like many others here. No problems at all... sometimes delayed as hell but deliver always.
  19. void

    void Active Member Entrepreneur

    Does "delayed as hell" include 6 months of waiting and two emails "looking into your case"? If so then my client has some hope :)
  20. THR2017

    THR2017 New Member

    How's my boy "Frank" doing?