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  1. I

    Business Start-up Advice

    Hi everyone, glad to be the part of this community. I am in the process of starting an online design and art shop. As a designer, it would be mostly digital downloads and custom design posters. Already have a fulfillment print provider in the UK who is ready to do the print fulfillment. So...
  2. A

    In need of advice for shareholder services

    Hello, gentlemen! A newbie here, at this forum. Would really like to hear your opinions and possible advice regarding my situation. We are a UK IT startup, and we are looking for tax optimization. It’s a legit business selling market data online. The reason we are looking for the shareholder is...
  3. D


    Hello guys I need your advice from your personal knowledge and experience 1. I want to receive Bitcoin payments 2. Here in my country there are 3 treatments A) BTC minering B) Trading C) as payment method I'm a bh affiliate marketer but let's say that ofc I can't show any of that 'substance'...
  4. E

    Offshore Company / Offshore Bank Account / Payment Gateway

    Hello good afternoon, I have some questions that may help me with the commercial part I will start to selling computer licenses through the internet, by e-commerce. I am seeing where it is convenient to open an offshore company (I was thinking of Hong Kong or Seychelles) at the same time...
  5. I

    rent a company

    Has anyone ever tried to rent a company ? I saw 1. 2. Now the second one gives you a debit card so you can withdraw cash and have it as expense and not have any divident so you don't have to pay any tax.. Fees differ based on your needs but if it's legit it would...
  6. O

    What are the best providers and jurisdictions to setup a private investment firm?

    My main aims are: -No(or low) tax. -Easy to do business. -Relatively low setup costs. Anonymity is not too big a factor for me. Thank you for your advice.
  7. C

    Effective strategies for full practical company control without legal connections

    I've just been reading a fascinating thread (27918) in this forum on UBO. This comment is especially interesting to me: 'it's extremely easy in practice to have no legal connection and full practical control of a company.' Who here has knowledge of some effective strategies to have full...
  8. happyjohn

    What is the cheapest to setup a GmBH in Germany?

    Guys, I'm considering to move to Germany, Hamburg, Berlin for some time. Today we live in a ultra taxed country which sucks, and we already consulted a tax firm which made the math for us. It looks like we can safe some money each month. However, they charge a furtune to setup a GmBh and I...
  9. B

    Questions about Bank account and Company

    Hello, i came across this forum yesterday. I am looking for reliable providers for 2 colleagues. We need 1x Personal Bank Account and 1x Company with Bank account. Is there a reliable provider? Thanks and best regards Marc
  10. G

    standar package enough for a dropshipping website?

    hi, im intristed in creating an offshore company since im planning to start dropshipping websites, but its so exspensive, is the standar package agents sell for 750usd, enough? do i need like Apostille, and Director & Nominee Service ? were will my mail to my company be sent? can i have my...
  11. Z

    UK company with fake darks?

    Hi, I want some clarifications about creating a UK company with fake darks? any experienced with that? I'm not from The EU or US, I can get fake UK identity: passport, national identity card, utility bill and bank statement This setup is for payment processing purpose, I don't want to create...
  12. happyjohn

    How to avoid CRS with a company in Georgia?

    Reading all the posts and threads about companies registered in the Republic of Georgia and the avoiding of CRS and general tax reporting I thought how it is possible to avoid it while director- & shareholders name is public? It will only take 48 hours before google has indexed the public...
  13. B

    Offshore company and bank account for doing business with EU companies

    I am individual from eastern europe which wants to open/buy offshore company with bank account so I can send invoices to companies(from my country and within EU) I currently work with but I'm not totaly sure which country to choose. So the currently I have a contract with my employee and I am...
  14. J

    Where can I get HK company for cheap?

    Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for quite some time now, but now I am trying to start my business offshore and I decided to go with a HK company but the companies providing HK companies are having high prices and bad reviews online so I don't know where to go, please help I believe...
  15. S

    Company Formation for HNWI Crypto Trader

    Hi, Offshore company formation is quite a new area for me as I have been operating completely in the dark until now. I am a Portuguese citizen currently living in Spain (tax residency). I am essentially looking for a tax-efficient solution to incorporate a company which can be the vehicle...
  16. Wize

    Anyone used B.R.I.S Group

    Hi Looking to see if anyone has used Bris-Group ( for company formation or Shelf Company purchases. Would like to here what your experiences were or are?
  17. M

    i need usa campany , merchant account and bank account

    I need help I'm from unsupported country and i need company to make USA merchant account for processing Credit card online for legal business it's like wallet and online money transfer .. I search online for companies and I found some websites that sell complete company with DUNS...
  18. T

    New incorporation in Singapore

    I currently have an ltd in St. Vincent, however my bank EPB blocked the account and told me to move it somewhere else. Been looking around and one of the option that i was recommended is Singapore (apparently i have to create a new company there), however the price to set up a company there...
  19. I

    Offshore Consulting

    Hi all, I have a few colleagues and friends, mainly from Israel and Russia who have expressed interest in moving some or all of their finances offshore, the vast majority of them are completely clueless as to how to start and have turned to me as I have worked in Hong Kong and have offshore...
  20. Prall1951

    Anyone had heard about them ? thanks a lot

    Hi is anyone had heard about them Vistra they do incorporation they seems to be lawyers and legit but they have the same (exactly the same) website design than them : Offshore company formation, trusts, foundations, UK companies registration - Jordans Trust Company and heard about...
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