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Anyone tried Insta Xchange to buy Crypto?


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Jan 4, 2017
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I see them advertise here

wonder if they can be trusted to buy large amount of crypto without KYC?
Impossible, that's fake advertisement. The most they can do is allow you to buy a very small amount without verifying your ID but even that is in a gray area.

From their Terms and Conditions:
"Upon registration, Coin Sonic will conduct an identification verification ('Know Your Customer' or 'KYC') process to comply with all applicable anti-money laundering, sanctions and other relevant statutory requirements. Coin Sonic reserves the right to limit the Website functionality to the Users who have not passed verification. If the Customer refuses to provide required documents and information under KYC, Coin Sonic reserves the right to immediately terminate the Services provided to the User and/or restrict the access to the Account."
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