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Are there any positive news?


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Everything is getting crank down on, becomes stricter, loopwholes are getting shut down, information is getting exchanges more and more...

But are there any positive news? New loopholes? New emerging not well-known jurisdictions? New ways of reducing taxes and increasing privacy? Say, for the past 1-3 years


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Well, the world is changing so the environment for tax havens and loopholes!

What you are looking at today are more complicated and from time to time more crazy solutions to achieve tax freedom and total privacy. The time where a simple offshore company in the Bahamas was sufficient to hide whatever you want is long over.

What we are looking at today requires some very complex structures or even DARK setups! the latter you can read about in the mentor group I'm not going to explain it or discuss it further here.

You want to have a look into crypto and how you can move crypto without trace logs and convert it to Gold or Cash, the latter is complicated but Gold and other expensive stuff like watches, diamonds etc. is not that difficult.

Once you came to the step where you have sufficient to buy a property or something other bigger investment, you will be challenged since it is not going to be easy and you need advise from people who are not on a public forum.

I'm not sure if this make sense for you but I'm serious, you need to think out of the box - OffshoreCorpTalk is the best place on earth for creative and intelligent people to get ideas which they simply not thought about yet before reading it here. But the final solution I doubt you will find here.
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