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Attention, note, for newbie in the UK who try to sell fake bank accounts!


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Dec 29, 2008
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I just had a slight amusing e-mail conversation with a guy who claims to start a new business to form Cyprus companies and open “same day” bank accounts in Cyprus, he wrote to us from a hotmail address properly while they are spamming all page 1 and 2 companies on Google in the hope to get some company to bite on it. This Guys company name is Cyprus Accounts Ltd!

Why can you be sure that this is a SCAM or at least not a trustworthy business?

I rather ask this question right away to myself before someone is starting.

It is pretty easy, first of all, no one in Cyprus can open Bank Accounts within the same day as the application is submitted to the banks, at least you can’t do this in the northern (Greek part) of Cyprus not sure what you can do in the other part, but don’t forget the outcome of Yersilada bank if you option in for this be prepared you will face huge troubles to get your money into and out of the bank account by using not well recognized banks.

Further he charge £250 for the opening of the bank account and want to resell them for £200, this is a ridiculous fee for opening a bank account with an professional company who is capable to open REAL Bank Accounts with IBAN account number and where the each bank has their own SWIFT code, no fluff.

Second reason for why I find it doubtful is that no professional company with respect for privacy, discretion and a large network behind them will start spamming competitors so not from a hotmail address.

Looking at what I have seen on other forums and this thread it smells like the same person now try to hit the pork by selling Cyprus fake bank accounts, I encourage everyone who may for one or another reason get in touch with this Guy (I don’t even want to call it a company) to be very careful doing business, read the thread I mentioned.

Good luck everyone
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You should really not take care of such an idiot, people are all the day try to get a bait from a good business they simply just forget to be professional when doing so.
Cool, thank you for the warnings, at the moment I get spammed from some companies that try to sell me the opening of a bank account, I just tell them to f.... off.
I have posted my phone number in Cyprus related banking forum once and till then I am receiving surplus amount of bank related enquiries that whether you need to open an account and describing what are the benefits They are offering...

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