Bahamas Banks Are A Great Offshore Option

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    I totally agree with you. In todays world it's good to have several options rather than getting limited to one option!
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    Can someone elaborate on the privacy part of the Bahamas company formation? I mean, what privacy are we offered when incorporating our business in the Bahamas?
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    I've only heard Bahamas as one of the best tourist spot destination in the world. Having them emerging as one of the best countries in Offshoring is a very good news
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    Okay so it's similar to mine. I will try to give it a shot and hope they will accept me as an client.
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    Do you have any idea if the Bahamas is a great offshore jurisdiction in regards to privacy? How about tax exchange agreements with the rest of the world? Are they to comply with the USA or do they have their own regulations?
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    Banking in Bahamas is difficult when you ask one of the offshore agents that are located in the Bahamas! They almost don't approve any bank accounts!
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    Bahamas is regulated under the USA for that reason personally I would not incorporate my business there or use them for any asset protection or tax planning
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    Does that mean they have only one bank there that will allow remote account opening? who knows about banking in Bahamas and what banks we can open accounts with?