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Bank One Limited from Mauritius


New member
Do you have any experience with this bank?
I just have open account with them and I am curious if someone uses their services.
Opening my account took approximately 6 month.
Anyone has card with them?


Martin Everson

Offshore Retiree
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Opening my account took approximately 6 month.
wow eek¤%&

There is 1 or 2 threads about Bankone and mentioned is poor communication but not much else. Hope that was not reason it took 6 months to open? Perhaps you can share your experience so far.



New member
We have started the process of open an account in that bank I guess 5-6 month ago , and only this week it getting fully operated and I hope to proceed first outgoing transaction.
The communication is really-really bad. After an open we were usually waiting up to 5 days to answer the email, calling was useless. Only after a serious complain to our intermediate after account open the bank management started more or less answering our email. Now I manage to get an answer with in 24-48 hours, but still from the bank you usually expect it much faster.
The internet banking interface is not the best I ever work with, but still execrable, the same with authorization process.
Bank also require the invoices or any other proof of transaction which is higher then Eur 8k
The card issuing is also possible but I didn't start the process yet, will see whether it would the pain in the ass or not.


New member
According to intermediate it takes 6 months because of poor communication.
I have the same experience with support. No replies from support for even 10-20 days. Only after complain to my intermediate I start to receive replies with in few hours but only for some time with certain case. With a new ticket I again have to wait few days for reply.
Internet banking interface is in some tests, there are some bugs. Certainly not good but also not tragic.
I keep waiting for the card. Intermediate told me that it usually takes 2 months so I am keep waiting.
Transfers are fast. From bank to europe and from europe to the bank 1-3 business days. I send only small amounts so up now I didn't have to send any invoices or proof.
They are still much much much better than abc banking.


New member
Will see any way how it gonna works in future.
I had incoming transaction from EU with in 24h, which is nice, will see how it works with outgoing.
If ll have any new info I ll update in here
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