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Bank transfer EMI to EMI, small amount, which reference to use?

Why are you making the transfer? Type that in the box and make sure you have supporting documents just in case. I've seen people type something different thinking it will go through faster just for them to get bombarded with doc requests they couldn't comply with.
Usually you can put on Pay slip for May 2024 and you won't hear anything from them.
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If its out of generated profits, you can say dividend or interim dividend. You may have to prepare a resolution in case supporting docs are requested.
In their second post, @Sean Restling writes that it's a sole proprietorship that holds the company account. Calling it dividends might just raise more questions than it answers. ;)
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Because that will imply documentation, which I'd have to make up. I wrote transfer to personal account, we'll see..

If you have power of attorney in both bodies, it is only natural to make such small agreements orally. Your books will show the balance.
And in case somebody really asks - you can always write 2 sentences.
Thats what I do in similar situations.
But surely, situations differ...

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