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Belize Company how to do that where to buy it?


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Jan 28, 2009
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So if I go for a Belize company Formation with some Agency, and I want this company to be 100% anonymous how can I do that?

I read on several websites, that a Belize Company Formation can be 100% anonymous but no one is telling how that is possible?

Is that with bearer shares or nominee services or how is that possible!


Where should I incorporate the Belize Company I would prefer some reliable agency..!
Well, you will just need to have the company appointed with nominee director and register it with nominee shareholders, thats something also CCLOGIC is offering while you incorporate your company.

Bearer shares is an other option, however, you might find it difficult to get a bank account for the company, or at least the bank will know who the beneficial owner is even with bearer shares.... thats also the case with nominee directors, but no one else will be able to track down the beneficial owner of a Belize company except with a local court order.

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