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Best alternative for UK ltd, no VAT, lower tax


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Feb 18, 2020
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We currently operate an online digital service through a UK Ltd company.

I want to setup a new company not in the UK to reduce the stress with running this, somewhere with no VAT, below 10% taxes, and minimal accounting but also all of our income comes from Stripe so we need to be accepted by Stripe.

  1. Clients are international
  2. Directors are located in different countries
  3. All income comes via Stripe
  4. Need to use reputable business bank or Wise/ Revolut, well known EMI

Any recommendations ? What first came to mind is a Freezone company in UAE or a New Mexico LLC
US has no VAT and Stripe is not an issue.
Estonia is OK (no corp tax), but you'll have to deal with VAT (either reverse it if the clients are in the EU or charge 0% tax if they are outside of EU). Stripe - again, not an issue.
UAE is tricky when it comes to banking, VAT and Stripe - there is too much uncertainty now with the corp tax, banking is a nightmare even if you have a local director.
Estonia works great if you have EU customers too, VAT accounting is easy to delegate, and reinvested profits are remain tax-free if you don't distribute dividends.
US LLC is optimal if you don't have customers in the US and live in a low-tax jurisdiction.
I'd suggest moving your a*s and then the company.
The company may be in a Stripe-accepted while your tax residency can be in almost any country worldwide, so you have options.

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