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Best EMIs and PSPs for a new VASP company


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Jul 8, 2024
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We just got our VASP license 2 weeks ago, we are looking for EMIs and PSPs to onboard with that will accept new company without any history.
And if you have any additional advice for us it would be awesome
Expected monthly volume?
Card payments should be 1-2m and wires should be the same

Do you Have MLRO and operational address? SumSub or similar?
I guess you need SEPA C2B accounts right?
We don’t have MLRO yet, if you can recommend it will also be great.
Sumsub is easy one.
And we need SEPA C2B too of course, and cards processing too
Maybe speak to Simplex and BVNK.

1. You need a compliance officer.
2. Travel Rule compliant software.
3. Verification platform.

You need contracts with all 3. Make sure you have contracts or contract versions that you can share with 3rd parties as you might break any involved NDA's. After you secure all 3 move forward to your OP.
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I have MLRO and KYC, and do you recommend get another license before MICA?
In many cases of getting fiat ramp for cryptocurrency exchanges it isn't about the "licenses" themselves but rather the country that issues them. The license in Poland is not an actual license itself either. Others have rightfully pointed out MiCA is changing things quite a bit.

There are also certain services that for low range 5 figure sum will open everything from company to corporate bank accounts and acquire said "licenses" in places like Poland, Czech Republic etc. Because of the abuse of such "services" EMIs currently don't look very well towards applicants from said jurisdictions with set cryptocurrency business models such as exchangers. Hence why it is harder to obtain authorization from places like Malta (speaking within EU) but you have better chances of opening on/off ramp bridges.
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