Best EMIs for a non-EU resident?

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  1. MrUnstoppable

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    What are some of the currently most recommended EMIs for non-EU residents? Personal account.

    (Trending topic based on the very recent LeoPay account terminations for all countries outside of EU)

    I'm a EU citizen, but based permanently around Asia. (And prefer not to use my EU home address as a residency because I don't spend any time there and because of CRS)

    Already using a Neat HK Personal, and about to open a Business with them too. Very happy with that, and I do most of my banking in HK anyways, so it works out great.

    However, I need back-up options, especially for pre-paid Debit cards.

    All I really want right now is a pre-paid Debit card- that's it.

    I've found that a lot of providers are either not supporting countries in Asia, or are "supporting" but "cards aren't available yet" (e.g. TransferWise).

    Setting up account with MisterTango as I'm writing this.

    Any particular options I should look into?
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  2. negon

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    Mister Tango is still one of the best choice you can do when you are looking for an EMI in the EU. So far no problems and they seems to know what they are doing! However, always be careful. Another good option that has been working for me for a year by now is Revolut.
  3. mrau

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    Revolut is only for EU residents. The OP asked for options for non-EU residents.
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  4. negon

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    my fault, great so you may suggest another one!
  5. extremedox101

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    same question, looking for good options....
  6. Honest Junior

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    Until recently, LeuPay (LeoPay) was a good option. But recently they started having problems, and therefore it’s better to withdraw assets from there.

    You can try to use Transferwise.
  7. Travelian

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    If all you want is a debit card, maybe try Payoneer. Transferwise has better rates but they don't give cards to non-EU.
  8. Myotra

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    Does anybody know if Majestic Financial UAB opens accounts for non-EU companies?
  9. Myotra

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    Already got the answer from them - yes, they do. But they don't process USD payments at the moment.