michael reader

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why do even criminals love bitcoin more than monero or zcash? why is that? what is it about bitcoin and criminals that stand out? why would illegal activity be next to bitcoin instead of monero or zcash??? why would that be the case in many if not most/all cases???? anyone know? rsvp


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First of all, everything involve criminal activity, from the plumbers to the governement itself, to the currency or crypto currencies.
Now, Banks do not like crypto-currencies "high risk of money laundering", crypto is a good way to move funds easily and fast from two points, but remain the same issue: In/Out for cash out let traces is where the Banks will obviously catch them.
They create fake problems, and give a big regulation. Classical.

Why bitcoin instead of monero & zcash ?
A lot of darknet market use/accept monero and even ether!
I guess is prob a Liquidity issue, and that also bitcoin is the most well know crypto


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I'd say the same reason the majority of people use PayPal intead of other platforms...because it's implemented in more places giving it a dominant presence.