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BitcoinPaperWallet lost money ( 124.85 BTC appear to have been swept from wallets generated by the website.)

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In other news, "People shocked as PaypalPasswordGenerator.com users lose money in unexpected hack".
Dude I think you should know difference between "bitcoinpaperwallet.com" and "PaypalPasswordGenerator.com"

Do not show your ignorance here .
paper wallet uses to protect your bitcoin without using any third party services.
I post link here for some serious discussion and how to avoid trap and secure your paper wallet.
How to safely securely use your wallet address without using any exchange.


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asking the users on BT forum for best online wallet long time ago i have used once . but i knew it's trap/prank so i sent really small amount then realize how it's stupid it is .

remember site that show off non-server based applications to create visual effects cannot be safe for transactions .


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That moment when people realize that if you want to be your own bank you need bank-level security


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How stupid can one be as to go to a website and generate a private key there? It's the same as to ask someone "generate a secure password for me and tell me it"


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How stupid can one be as to go to a website and generate a private key there? It's the same as to ask someone "generate a secure password for me and tell me it"
It's not being stupid but simple not knowing about how stuff work. That's why many times I suggest people that know nothing about tech to use an exchange instead of their own wallet but crypto fanboys say I'm crazy for suggesting that


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“Nick Wendell” (a pseudonym) lost half a million dollars in bitcoin.
For safeguarding that amount, he should have bought a hardware wallet. Even those have their weak points, such as firmware updates, necessity to keep a backup of the 24-word seed phrase etc. NGRAVE seems to have removed many of the risks, but their product is delayed. Time will tell.

Very recently I absent-mindedly made a similar mistake to this case. I used an encryption program while being connected to the internet. It could have led to damnation and ruin. People who own bitcoin or ethereum via exchange-listed ETNs avoid a lot of headache pain¤#"!


someone who is so rekless with his money deserve to lose it all. my guess is this person is very wealthy and this doesn't represent much to them or have been earn very easily. easy come, easy go as they say rof/%

I tried paper wallet long time ago, took me weeks to figure out everything including setting up a linux offline ... thanks god we have hardware wallet now !

major exchanges (with 2FA) are far more secure and safe to store crypto for 99.99% of people.
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution