Bitfinex starting to report to CRS / FATCA


hannibal the cannibal
I read it today on ccn - anyway, wonder if some of the other major exchanges will follow this trend :mad:


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Their official tweet @bitfinex ...

Bitfinex on Twitter

We have not sent this message to all users. We have deliberately targeted users that we believe have an obligation to self-disclose. If a user has _not_ received a message from us, she need _not_ self-certify anything to us at this time.
I guess case by case basis. Maybe only people that are from certain jurisdictions and/or have used FIAT to withdraw/deposit. Any feedback from anyone who did receive the request?

John Spectre

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I received this request.
I'm verified user on bitfinex, but NOT from US(fatca) or crs supported country.
Also I didn't do any withdraw\deposit used FIAT. Only crypto involved.
I guess they send requests for verified users who have large deposits(there are plenty suggests about deposit size that trigger request: 10k$, 100k$. 250k$. But nobody know for sure)

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