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May I please ask if anyone knows business bank account opening service provider where the bank, where account gets opened, already includes Virtual Terminal for charging cards in their online banking (ebanking) system? If yes, who is provider of such offshore services and which bank/country is it?

I did a lot of research and discovered your forum, however no luck for me finding bank (or offshore service provider for business account opening) who already offers Virtual Terminal inside ebanking.


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I almost always recommend businesses to not use their bank as their acquirer (card processor). That's just too many eggs in the same basket, while offering no upsides.

If you really want to, though, you can go to pretty much any major local bank (with a local company) and they will be able to offer acquiring. Very few of them don't do it.

Going offshore severely limits your ability to process cards. Visa is getting increasingly strict about requiring merchants to have an actual physical presence in the country they are incorporated. Mastercard is starting to enforce the same, albeit a little slower.


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Thank you Sols for the message.

My question is which offshore provider offers their business bank account opening services in the bank which ''gives'' to the business account holders the Virtual Terminal feature inside their own online banking (ebanking) and then I further asked, along the name of provider, which bank hold in which country is it. However, I have never asked what is your suggestion whether or not the bank should be processing the cards and fund the account balance from processed cards. With all the respect but please kindly read the actual question so you wouldn't offer banana if someone asked you for peach.

Let me clarify further, why described Virtual Terminal (within ebanking) is needed to reach two main goals:

avoiding time consumption with searching the merchant account, filling in long application form, asking them multiple questions and waiting for application to be, hopefully approved
much faster deposit of funds to the account comparing to if merchant's payment processor funded it which results in faster ability to make outgoing bank transfer using those exact funds received via charges on the Virtual Terminal.

So my question remains. I contacted multiple offshore providers as well as banks ( * ) directly but so far everyone said there is no Virtual Terminal for charging worldwide issued credit/debit cards INSIDE their online banking. It may be on different webpage, perhaps different subdomain but this is out of the scope of my question. I need it INSIDE the online banking because this lets the user to use that funds for further transfer very fast, although the timing is really not that much important to me. However getting approved for some merchant account, wasting time explaining activity on Virtual Terminal, to gain their willingness to deposit those funds, is something I want to avoid.

( * ) I got names on the websites of offshore providers and then I contacted them.

I may stay onshore (USA), its fine too. As long as Virtual Terminal is provided.


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I am aware of ePayments but we are talking about offshore/onshore business bank account and not some ewallet.

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