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Hi guys,

I have got a specific question for you.

If you are the only owner of a company or corporation, which is incorporated abroad (e.g., US, UK, other countries), is there some kind of relief to enter during this pandemic era?

I am referring to business travels only.

Thank you for your answers in advance!


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relief? What are you asking specifically? As far as I am aware every country has different travel rules right now. I believe for most countries that are locked down, that applies to all people. I know that Singapore is only allowing business travelers in right now but you need to have a valid reason, quarantine for two weeks, and take PCR tests. You probably need special insurance too. I doubt traveling right now is worth it given the hassle.


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Actually there are "reliefs" if the country is not welcoming leisure tourists right now but is still welcoming business travelers. You need to send yourself a business invitation to show the purpose of your travel and send this alongside with your visa application. Then the government will decide if you are good to go or not. But you will definitely have a much higher chance of being accepted. Most case processor don't look closely anyway and don't care if the business is your own business or not.

I remember the times when the pandemic started and when the polish facebook groups were full of "Employer Verifcation" letters, so the polish people were just traveling without problems to and back from Germany. At the border they just quickly looked if you have this letter and then let you pass.
Even when quarantine rules already had been in place I traveled from Italy to Germany with a car and no one carred about any quarantine rules or whatsoever at all.... the whole rules are absolutely ridiculous and can't be enforced at all. A few weeks ago I traveled via Istanbul which required a max 72hours old PCR test. I did it, but when showing my PCR test I realized that this rule was an absolute joke as one guy pulled out a PCR test fully written in arabic and another in some other strange language in non latin letters... .The girl checking the documents had absolutely no idea what she was looking at and let all pass... . And when I traveled via Palma the Mallorca I got at least 2 offers to buy a fake PCR test directly infront of the terminal.
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution