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BVI Financial Services Comission misuse their position as legal body!

As a surprise we have been made aware of the a statement from the BVI Financial Services Commission declaring warnings about our company accusing us to not be licensed in the BVI nor incorporated.

For clarification to the BVI Financial Services Commission, then we never state that we are incorporated in the BVI nor that we are licensed to register BVI companies, but we use a BVI licensed agent as well as hundreds of other consultancy companies do.

We have asked for a statement from the British Virgin Islands financial commission to clarify why we are the only company mentioned there and to backup their statements as we treat this as a defamation case.

This is the thread:

Advisory Warning No. 15 of 2009 (13 July 2009) > British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission > News

Will update this threat as soon as we have news.
Strange that they write something like this on their website, however, it means nothing, since many are doing this that way... even the really big guys in this biz are not licensed and located in all jurisdictions where they offer offshore incorporation services.

All lawyers around the world and auditors work the same way they have partnered with other in the different countries to provide the services the client is requesting... that's simply how business works..

A big SHAME on the British Virgins Islands Financial Services Comission... but it is a small island so maybe they have nothing better to do then accusing people doing osmething wrong...

BTW: the British Virgins Islands are not an interesting offshore jurisdiction any longer, since the last few months agreements they made with the US and other European countries it looks like to be very regulated ver soon.