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Can you open EMIs with nominee US LLC?

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I need to open a Delaware/Wyoming LLC company with a nominee registered agent.
The agent told me if I do so, my name will not appear as the director on the incorporation document.

I guess this will make it almost impossible to open any bank account/EMIs such as Mercury transfers and so on
because they want to verify that I AM the director of the LLC, is this correct?

Does anyone know a workaround on this?


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Unless the nominees are happy to give you their passports and proof of address, and can do video ID/interview if necessary, you are not going to have any luck opening any accounts for your EMI.

There are nominees that do this but they cost thousands per year, usually provided through regulated fiduciaries, not random incorporation mills. When you work with nominees (or professional directors as they prefer to be called), they will insist on being the sole signatories on the bank account as well.
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