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Cheapest Offshore Company Formation available, who?


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Jan 2, 2009
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Just wondering who the cheapest offshore company formation service is but who also provide a proefssionel service at the same time?

I was exploring the site of invalid1c for offshore company formation and see the fee's are reasonable because of all the additional services they offer on no additional costs, I'm also a satisfied cutomers of them, but, still I would like to know if there are any alternatives available (sorry admin) since it may be of the public interest.

With all the companies available and all the negative reviews which are pupping up here and there when you look for this on Google, it seems that most services available which offer low cost incorporation have hidden fees or simply to deliver what they claim or even don't deliver anything.
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Cool thread, power, so far I have been looking for the same, just out of curiosity, have been a happy customer of cclogic and I would only hardly register a offshore company with any other company on the Internet just because of the fee, it is not a game or a consumer product you are going to spend your money on, what I have seen from CCLOGIC so far is a professional work, my case was delayed due some reasons they wasn't in control off, everything is to my fullest satisfaction now. Compared to another company where I have ordered a Belize company which ended up with a useless document which wasn’t worth the 99$ I spend on it, I must say 5 stars for cclogic.
Before we know this forum and that it was possible by Internet to register offshore companies we did use our lawyer for this, the fees are amazing high if you settle for a lawyer to do this task, now we only use this service here and are satisfied, would not change unless they mess up in something... Have been trieing services like Offshore Companies UK and CSR Corporation, the last one is a fraud who is advertising on the payd ads....
As this thread is for cheapest offshore company formation, I want to tell that I jumped on a very cheap offshore company formation service which was advertised on a nother forum, the fee was only a few hundred euros for a Belize company, what I got was a company certificate on a very bad scan and a company number, nothing else, while I tried to contact them later on, they didn't reply at all, it was useless all way around... now we can start again this time I hope we will get the offshore company we want, just not sure which jurisdiction we want by now... seems Seychelles or Cyprus is better than Belize as what was what we had before..
True, True, True, never go for a cheap solution if you have a strong believing in what you are doing! If you think about your business as some ****ty fly by night venture you MUST go for the cheapest offshore company service provider otherwise - THINK THINK THINK - it can harm you and your business doing so.
When it comes to the company service provider you shouldn't shop around for the cheapest but rather go for the best you can afford, at the end of the day it is your business.
That's an special offer and a limited time campaign /forum/f5/seychelles-company-formation-special-offer-rest-august-2012-a-18689/ so it has nothing to do with the companies that pub up and disappear shortly after, and that are ruining this business for a quick buck. Once they have made enough money they leave people with their miserable situation (brought into by these companies/people) because of false advise and even course people to go to prison because of tax evasion and other criminal activity.

We feel that with this forum we do people a big favor and a free one for that sake. We help people to understand what they are actually entering into and how they can avoid the worst, and this for freethumbups Many appreciate this service even those who never post here ;)
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JamesFarran said:
Buy cheap buy twice! Always stick to recommended firms that have a long history of top customer service and will stick with you throughout the life of your company (provided the company is renewed annually of course!).
second that:coffe:
You need to be of interest for your supplier to get proper service. If you negotiate the price of any product too much means you keep pushing your supplier to give you the lowest price available you won't be the first in the quote he may help if you need it because you are not of an high importance for him!

So what happen when you use the cheap CSP's that have pushed the price down of a IBC confirmation is that sooner or later the professional CSP's will follow but you will not be of interest or a high importance for them compared to clients that have paid the full price.

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