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Company setup for p2p trading in UAE


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Sep 23, 2023
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Hi everyone.
First of all I am feeling very lucky to find this great forum.

I am a p2p merchant in India. Due to high tax and tds implementation I am planning to shift to UAE and start p2p trading there.

I researched about UAE visa and I am really confused about whether to apply for crypto license or freelancer visa for p2p trading.
Can anyone guide me to choose correct type of license and visa for my need?

Also I browsed this forum and dubai subreddit and found out that banks in UAE does not support crypto transactions. However when I checked binance UAE p2p section almost all traders are trading via bank transfers as binance has removed cash in person option from their payment method. Also the volume is pretty good.

My aim for daily turnover is 100k AED.

Does anyone has experience with banks in UAE which allows p2p trading with huge volume?

Thank you everyone.