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Corporate Compliance Programs

All the companies engaged in business in a particular country are required to comply with laws and regulations of that country in true spirit and responsibility. This concept is known as "corporate compliance program". One of such corporate compliance program in India is "Cyber Law". All the companies conducting business in India who are related to Cyber Laws directly or indirectly are required to comply with the requirements of the Cyber Laws.
richardm1964 said:
Establishing and registering a company is not enough to start normal business operations. It is mandatory to set-up some compliance programs of different natures. What are those "Corporate Compliance Programs”?
What is this about, to comply to the local laws ? no one is requiring you to setup a compliance program unless you want to do so at your own decission!!
mademanscott said:
I just started gboogie business credit program at . I would like to eventually move my corp off shore. What compliance programs do i need to know about for doing business abroad
What is "gboogie business credit card program" please elaborate! seems the forum cought you in spamming your link but I will try to treat you like a honest user joined to learn and help! Where do you want to move your corp to? Offshore is very broad!

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