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Jan 26, 2009
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For my business I'm considering to move to a secure Offshore destination.

I'm looking to open a corporation and bank account. I've been reading around

here on the forums for some time and saw there are quite allot options.

Can somebody please advice me for the following list of requirements:

- No notarized passport required to open (don't mind nominee banking)

- Direct IBAN/Swift code in order to send/receive wires (so no Internet bank or anything alike)

- Country should accept mobile entertainment for banking/corporation.

- No debit card or whatsoever program, a real bank with a real corporation.

Would be great if somebody can advice me where to look or at what to look exactly for my needs.

Thanks in advance already.
I would recommend you Jersey corporation and Guernsey account. Unfortunately I can not provide the link to the article discussing benefits of such combination, but I am pretty sure you can figure out them yourself.

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