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Crypto Cash Out - Ireland Resident - US & Irish Citizenship

I guess he traded quite a lot. Hence it will be difficult to find the real cryptos after years and hopefully different coins.

I think that is too expensive for him. Better relocate to Hong Kong or something, where you don't have to declare anything.

You quoted before I made changes :cool:

Human analyst can perform complete blockchain analysis even without dedicated software support; difference is time.

As stated, there are solutions for his particular preference that will require law bending and will cost way bellow 33% CGT. About legality, well he declares Irish and US citizenship so it will be bompy ride.
There is no legal way to optimize tax up to 10% as you do not have a POF and had multiple transaction without paying anything.

Other options are possible and those will cost you less then 33% but your funds will have an origin. Those options need to be discussed in private manner. There are persons here that are established and can offer that kind of services.

For the SOF, my advice would be to split it and sell parts through different companies. Maybe only 40k at a time and no more than 120k per company. That way, the risk is smaller and if you need to show sof, you can still claim that you minted them or something.
My situation is like the one of the starter of this thread. Can you guys message me privately, please?