Cyprus' requirements to create an offshore company as private (BEPS)

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    Hi guys,

    I'm living in Cyprus as non-dom. 2019 I want to create an Belize IBC. My original plan was to do that as subsidiary of my Cyprus Limited. But because BEPS and new CFC rules are going to happen EU wide I cancelled this plan.

    So the solution is to create an Belize IBC as a private shareholder/director (no subsidiary and no direct connection to my Cyprus limited).

    What are the requirements from Cyprus side (laws) to do that? I don't need anonymity but everything should be ok and 100% legal from Cyprus point of view!

    More specific:
    - Can I use my Cyprus address for this Belize IBC or is this too less substance?
    - Can I be the shareholder of this Belize IBC or do I need nominees?
    - Can I be the director of this Belize IBC or do I need a nominee?
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    Well, if you want the Belize entity to be legit and don't let it look that you try to avoid taxes or similar then you register a simple Belize corp with a Belize address and you will be appointed as shareholder and director of that company.

    Pretty easy. At the end of the year you include the profits from the Belize corp. in your fiscal reports so no one will come after you.
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    Why would you connect these too entities at all? Now you changed your mind then just setup a Belize corp with nominees to stay private.
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