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Do Seba (now Amina) and FRICK banks onboard UAE residents?


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Dec 20, 2022
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I'm EU citizen and UAE resident, so was wondering if being UAE resident would make it easier to onboard any of those 2 banks? And if they work with UAE at all actually.
Seba should be since they opened an office in Abu Dhabi right?
Bank Frick says on website the below so best to contact them and make your case.

---- quote start

We provide services to legal entities and natural persons residing or registered in the European Economic Area (EEA) (consisting of the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Individuals and businesses domiciled in any other country can become clients in very exceptional cases. A prerequisite for this is that a business relationship must offer additional benefits to both the individual and the Bank.

------- quote end

Seba should be since they opened an office in Abu Dhabi right?

Looks possible due to that but best to ask as account opening requirements are a moving target everywhere.

P.S I did not notice they have opened representative offices across Asia and middle east. Looks to me that they looking at growth markets ;).
Try it out and offer a 10M under custody of which they can chip a yearly 1% fee. They might bite ;)

Exactly, I have said it in the past and I am glad at at least Bank Frick is honest about. But he needs to play the game and ensure they can eat a bit off you comfortably. Otherwise at some point in future your account will show up on a report as unprofitable for the bank and they will boot you with little warning or reason...lol.