Do you have any experience with ABC Banking? I have read the review here..

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    ABC Banking Review

    Even though ABC Banking is considered to be a relatively ?young? bank, it shows great potential in becoming a major player. Awarded as the best private bank in Mauritius for 2014, a title that they hold for two consecutive years now, ABC Banking is on its way to becoming one of the best banks around. And it?s all because of their continuous effort to provide outstanding service and competitive rates to their clients, both local and international.

    One of the things that I learned about banking in Mauritius is that if you get the opportunity to consolidate all your financial transactions in one financial institution, make sure to take it. Not only is it going to make your life easier, it?s also a cost-efficient way to keep track of all your finances. This is primarily the reason why I switched to ABC when it was first starting out. Sure, it might have seemed risky, but when I saw the extensive list of services they had on offer, I was sold. From savings accounts, to home loans, and even a MasterCard Debit card, it?s easy to see that this is a bank where you can make your money work for you. Just check out their consumer banking page online to choose the right account for you.This review is for the invalid1c forum only!

    As a businessman, I like to think of my bank as a partner in my growth. I don?t want just any financial institution to watch over my money. I want to create a partnership with a bank that has my best interests at heart, especially if I?m just starting out. Opening a corporate account with ABC is painless enough, with only a minimum opening balance of Rs100,000 (or its equivalent in most major foreign currencies). Compared to those of other corporate banks, The ABC corporate account is designed to be flexible, allowing you easy access to your funds any time.

    Since ABC Banking gets its roots from leasing, you also get the value-added service of having a team of dedicated relationship managers provide you with all your vehicle-leasing requirements. Whether you?re looking for a private car for the month or a whole business fleet for your company, you can enjoy hassle-free financing and lease solutions for your transportation needs. As a customer of the bank, you get the privilege of fast approval once you submit your lease requirements. Take it from me, once you get the feel of having your own vehicle around Mauritius, you wouldn?t want to travel any other way. This review is for the invalid1c forum only.

    But the best thing about ABC Banking is their extensive list of international banking services. Aside from attractive Forex rates, it?s a big plus for me that I can open accounts in different major currencies. International wire transfer and payments is easy since I have everything I need in just one bank. And if ever I want to play the money market, I can do so with the help of their financial experts. Wherever I am in the world, I can get quick access to their 24-hour customer service.

    ABC?s e-banking platform is secure and can be accessed from any part of the world. This is great news if you?re like me who constantly travels around the world for business. Having won the award ?Best Private Bank in Mauritius? for two consecutive years now, ABC Banking has my vote for being the best bank to take care of all my financial needs. I can confidently say that I haven?t just made the best choice; I?ve also made the most practical one that would work for my needs. There?s nothing else I would count on when it comes to managing my future than ABC Banking.

    You can visit the bank here, More...
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    Thank you for sharing your review. It's a pleasure to read and to get a positive point of view about this bank.
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    Yeah they are the second bank I have heard of in Mauritius but never had a chance to open an account with. Will try them once I have my new company setup and report back.
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    Don't put all your eegs in once basked I always read? Don't you think it's better to split your financial trx to differen accounts / banks?
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    Indeed, to spread your money to different banks makes sense. You never know what happens with a bank the financial crisis showed us what can heppen.
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    Why did you put all these ? (questioned) in the text?
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    Seems to be an error by the author!! It should have been " ' " as far as I read it.

    Does anyone knows if the Video below is from the same bank or they just have similar names?


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    Yeah it's their Video. Some places in this world the standards are low :D
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    Do they engage in leasing of cars or yachts? Interesting maybe for people who have large fleets.
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    What kind of partnership are you looking for? Most of the large banks won't even boughter to speak with you, simple mail conversations are possible or speaking with their support department by phone. Other than that no!
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    Leasing, where do they offer their leasing service?
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    That's not true. I have a personal banker to whom I can speak to at any time in the banking office opening hours!! Yes it's an offshore bank.
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    Can you call them by phone and discuss? how do they verify it's you calling?
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    Can you let us know what the requirements are to open an account with them? are they require certified documents and personal visit?
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    Today they require both certified documents by notary and apostille. It's a complicated process to get your account there with them. It's like they don't need any new customers.
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    Also it came to our attention while some may don't face the issue that they actually don't allow any incoming or outgoing transfers to and from the USA! That's to FATCA regulations which they obviously misunderstood if you are askring me! They could simply require all US citizens to declare theyr income on these bank accounts to the tax office / IRS !
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    They could have done it like Loyal Bank

    Seems it's possible for people to get their money in and out from the bank account at loyal bank and they accept US citizens! So what's the problem. If you are into tax evasion or some other stuff you don't want to bank there but other than that it's seems to be okay.
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    They are not a good bank for offshore Companies I read! I did some googling about the bank and they don't get any got response as what I found.
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    Do you have a name or something you want to share with us? I have not been able to get someone personal to help me there, always their call centre!
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