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Does anyone know a better credit card processor than STRIPE

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Hello everyone
I need some advise. I have an online shop that accepts cards. I am using Stripe at the moment but it is killing my business and many customers are complaining that their cards gets decline by Stripe

I checked on my stripe and it kept showing me HIGH RISK TRANSACTION that their RADER declines them but these are not risk transaction

I want to switch to another payment processor. do you know anyone that will not give me this problem of rejection of cards



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Thank you very much Admin. I also talked with someone, he told me I may have to look for a gateway for 2D processing instead of 3D.
Though I searched the forum but has not seen much on 2D gateway


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You mean card processing without 3D secure :D I don't believe it make sense since the chargeback ratio will rise and you may get banned (account get closed) + you get huge fines and penalties so you will end up to get blacklisted and possible owe the processor money.


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I would like to learn about more options like Stripe, PayPal and 2checkout which are one of the only payment processors I know about.

Latly I have looked into AdvCash and Transferwise which I read offer credit card processing too but can't really find the information nor can I find trusted alternatives to the already mentioned above????


Payment Processing
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There are numerous payment processing methods and gateway that aggregate payment providers across certain region to facilitate payments.

Different countries might have different best practice on their preferred payment routes.
Credit card processing arent the only e-commerce way to complete the transaction.

Depending on Merchant risk's profile;
Low risk, low chargeback, not ambiguous to high risk gaming
will definite have a best preferred mode of processing transactions.

hit me up if u wanna know more.
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