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FOR SALE Dutch company structure


Due to health-related circumstances, we are offering for sale a fully active Dutch company structure. It consists of a holding company with a subsidiary underneath, alongside a foundation (Stichting) that also holds shares in the subsidiary. This structure offers very interesting options for becoming a "secret" shareholder. The foundation operates in this regard identical as a "bearer shares" structure, (which we all want, but is nowhere allowed anymore).

The activities involve a unique barbecue-related product, and we collaborate with one of the largest BBQ producers in the world. Our product is ready to be launched, which will happen next month. I am the majority shareholder and can make decisions independently, including regarding the sale. We are seeking a buyer who wants to acquire both the IP rights and the entire structure. The price indication starts from 1.8 million euros, depending on the payment method...

Current owner keeps a negotiable number of shares/ certificates.

Please note, as this is important for the right audience: A significant amount of “share premium” can be deposited to quickly 'grow' the company. Investments by the new owner can also be made from abroad... Also, the sales volumes/revenue can actually be determined by yourself through 'private and retail buyers', both via the internet and via direct delivery ‘contracts’ to the retail sector. Anywhere in the world, becouse we can do both import, as export with the structure. So, there are plenty of opportunities. We have some interesting suggestions for the right party.

The individual components have VAT numbers and various Dutch bank accounts. Also, various Wise accounts).

Page me for a quick chat. Do note that we do not disclose identifiable information here on the forum.

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