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  1. F

    WANT TO BUY I'm looking for Spanish companies for my e-commerce

    Hi everyone, I've been doing e-commerce for 6 years and I'm looking for a Spanish company to buy or to sign a contract with in exchange for a percentage of the turnover for the expansion of my e-commerce in Spain, I need all this because I need of a payment gateway that converts a lot in Spain...
  2. M

    FOR SALE Dutch company structure

    Friends, Due to health-related circumstances, we are offering for sale a fully active Dutch company structure. It consists of a holding company with a subsidiary underneath, alongside a foundation (Stichting) that also holds shares in the subsidiary. This structure offers very interesting...
  3. gap

    Help Needed: Best Country to Establish a Company

    Hello! I'm a Hungarian tax resident and the sole owner of a Hungarian KFT (Design & IT services). Due to some clients' preferences (GB, NL), I need to establish a company in a more "prestigious" country. My question is: which country would be the best for this purpose? As of 2024, the Double...
  4. DeepDrilling

    Where to open an bank account for a HK company ?

    I want to setup a new HK company for my business. I live in the EU but read it's possible to avoid huge taxes if I setup a HK company and don't be a owner or manager of the company. But where do I bank, what bank will open an account for an foreign owned Hong Kong company? Best would be to have...
  5. turmpy

    What's the best service to use for Dubai company setup?

    I can see that some of the providers who were previously active here have disappeared and others are just silent. Does this mean that Dubai is dead as the great adventure where one could establish their offshore company in Dubai and live in a tax haven? Which service should one use to set up a...
  6. B

    Fastest remote EU company formation for non resident

    Which EU country allows formation of a company remotely for non residents at similsr speed that a UK LTD or US LLC are formed? Prefferably with similar cost of a UK LTD formation. Of course needs to be done remotely To non resident and without requirements to create E-residency or such...
  7. T

    Search for German GmbH with accounts

    Hello, I am looking for a German GmbH with a bank account and tax number. Regularly needed.
  8. eleb2019

    Jurisdiction for company with closed register and low taxation

    Hi to all, Looking for advises from experienced member for selection of jurisdiction with closed register and low taxation that will suit for business structure management. Fully legal business, looking for privacy in structure forming and better taxation only. If you can advise reliable...
  9. A

    Want to register Hungary/Bulgaria/Czech republic/Madeira company

    Looking to buy or register new company in one of such jurisdictions: -Hungary -Slovakia -Czech Republic -Madeira -Bulgaria All process need to be done remotely. Don’t need bank account, will work with EMI.
  10. C

    Please help! UK LLP with a LTD or US LLC as a partner (legit business)

    Hi! I work as a freelance with tax residency in the Czech Republic (been there for over 7 years), but I am orignally from another EU member estate. I need to invoice to an Irish client for my IT consultancy services through a company in the EU or the UK. They do not accept a US LLC. I invoice...
  11. walako

    Big number of shareholders in the LTD company (UK)

    Hi all! I am more or less experienced lawyer, although I am confused how to tackle the matter when a company has many shareholders. It is an obvious problem (time and money) to make corporate structure changes to LTD company in Estonia, because we need to involve the notary, translators etc. It...
  12. myhand

    Living in the Cayman's how is it, how expensive is it?

    I just read the following thread and it has made me curious to learn more. https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/threads/setting-up-business-in-countries-which-lead-to-citizenship.42007 According to the service provider mentioned, you can set up a company with substance and within 5 days get a Visa...
  13. Y

    Do I need a company to accept credit card payments online?

    Hi all, I stumbled on this forum years ago, it is very helpful I can say. Now it’s my turn to ask for advice. I want register with a payment processor / merchant like paykings payop. Can I register with them and recieve payments with no company incorporated? Is it possible? Any answer would...
  14. A

    remote formation of non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account - is it possible?

    hi looking to open REMOTELY: non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account (not EMI) i dont care which country as long as all above are rules are met. is this even possible these days?
  15. JohnLocke

    !NEWS! Our tight-knit community is now able to enjoy a solid marketplace.

    Dear OffshoreCorpTalk Community, As you might have noticed already, this summer aims to bring our guests closer and establish an even better relationship with each other. Our tight-knit community is now able to enjoy a solid marketplace. Users no longer need to struggle finding the services...
  16. JohnLocke


    As we all know OffShoreCorpTalk is dedicated to supporting and providing resources for company owners, banking professionals, tax lawyers, business consultants, and various other industry experts. As a community of like-minded individuals, we understand the importance of connecting with others...
  17. gap

    Please help! US LLC vs Canadian LLP for a Hungarian tax resident?

    I think as I'm getting into the topic of tax optimization I'm evaluating my situation here in Hungary, which is not too bad. My case: I can't move for the next 4-5 years, I'm currently self-employed with an annual income of 200k-220k USD and 300k in savings, I offer consulting services...
  18. Z


    Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding the legal structure for dropshipping. I am currently a Canadian resident, and I am interested in starting to sell in the following countries: US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Before I begin, I want to ensure that I have a solid legal structure in...
  19. D

    Opening a company in Europe

    Hello guys, I would like to open a company in europe. The company selling goods internationally. One of the payment methoods will be in crypto. I would like to know, according to personal experience, or even base on knowledge, what are the best countries ( i heard a lot about cyprus and the...
  20. K

    Questions about UAE Freezone

    Hello Everyone, It’s been a couple of years now that I’m into Affiliate Marketing, and my monthly income has been growing steadily. Currently, the annual income is around $120k per year. Would you say it's time to form an LLC? Or is it still early considering the expenses/taxes of a company...