1. G

    Question How to Reduce my Tax Liabilities? Recommended setups

    Hello everyone! I’m currently self-employed with Hungarian citizenship offering remote consulting service. Working long term with a US based partner for ~100k USD per year and also dealing with about 70k USD/yr of crypto that I get paid from an EU partner. These are not large amounts so I...
  2. D

    Question Establishing a company in Georgia Republic

    How can I establish a company in Georgia from countrie's own government site? And are there cheaper alternatives? Thank you, Ed ----OK. I found it. Thank you. I do not know how to delete a message. No. What I found was USA Georgia site. Not Georgian Republic's site. Any help incorporating in...
  3. Zelda

    Foreigner residing in germany with estonian company

    Hello guys, I have been reading about this, but I haven't found any answers for those specific questions. I heard so many things outside, not in this forum, some are stupid, but I need to know those answers before I proceed to the next decision in my life. 1-can a foreigner has two residencies...
  4. Zelda

    German resident UK company

    Hello guys, I have a question about exchange of info between UK and Germany, if you reside in Germany as a foreigner and incorporate a UK company with a Moroccan address, will germany ever know about that company that you have in the uk? The company field is in ecomm Thank you
  5. B

    Cyprus Non Dom + Offshore Company to recieve dividends

    Hello guys, I am living in Cyprus with the non dom program. Right now I work with a US LLC (Florida). I would like send this money to a offshore company to earn the money back as dividends. My only cost would be 2,65% NHS instead of 12,5% corporate tax. Now my question is - which country...
  6. G

    Living in Georgia but want to operate through non Georgian company - possible?

    Hello, I live in the country of Georgia. They have here great tax benefits for sole trader / individual entrepreneur, but not so much for companies. Also, privacy sucks, and there is no legal protection like an LLC have. Is there some way for me to do all my work through some company ill form...
  7. A

    Question Is it really true I can't setup an IBC in Seychelles?

    Have been shopping around for a firm that will provide "registered agent" services. One replied back called "International Corporate Agents Limited" ( They want to charge 450 Euro for a slew of services. What they're offering is actually pretty inexpensive, considering. I don't...
  8. EliasIT

    Where to get a European covered insurance without residential address?

    Is there any insurance company that is covering digital nomads who for obvious reasons don't have a permanent address? Or how digital nomads get covered?
  9. N

    Controlling an offshore company without being registered on company docs?

    Hi, Apologies for the n00bish questions but for some reason to some of these things I'm unable to get a straight answer anywhere: Is it possible to fully control a company without having your name registered in it? 1. I know about nominee directors but what is the agreement you do with them...
  10. S

    Seychelles foundation for STO

    Hi everyone, Here is my first post. I am looking for a way to establish a structure that would allow me to make security token offerings without an obligation to publish a prospectus (too costly for the type of projects we are planning to invest in). I was thinking about incorporating a...
  11. B

    How to setup anonymous company offshore?

    I know all the methods in mentor group gold already. Brilliant solutions for most of what I have been in need of. What I'm out for is to find a legitimated setup where I can stay off any records and still receive payments to an EMI or bank account.
  12. G

    Want to minimise my tax liabilities

    I got a remote job in the US, as a Hungarian citizen what are my tax minimisation options? Probably the best option would be to change residence, but is it worth the effort and initial costs for about 72,000 USD per year from that US company + ~48,000 USD / year from another individual (payed in...
  13. B

    Reselling business

    So I've recently been sourcing used electronics from local marketplaces, hiring someone to fix them up and reselling in bulk to multiple companies. The companies recently sent me a documents saying they cannot accept bigger quantities from private person anymore. What would be best way to accept...
  14. O

    Legit Cyprus Company with 11+ years of audited tax records for sale - how much can I ask?

    Hello, how much could I ask for a legit company incorporated in Cyprus which has been providing e-services to international clients for over 11 years? Audited tax records, no debts, 50k EUR on the corporate account now. I am sure there would be buyers who prefer a company with a history over...
  15. U

    Question How is a Offshore Company treated regarding CRS?

    If someone has a offshore company, for example in Dubai, and opens a bank account in Seychelles with companies physical address in Portugal (as the offshore company itself has no physical address in the UAE only P.O.), and the 100% shares owner, director and benefical owner (also the one who...
  16. diatessaron

    Tax free country for crypto exchange.

    Greetings, Im looking to register a crypto trading firm concentrated towards providing on/off fiat and crypto ramps + portfolio management for my clients in a country that has 0 taxes on such entities. Company will be used to open a business bank account and that's my main goal behind creating...
  17. aage

    Cheapest country to establish company with substance?

    After reading all the stuff around for years, one thing jumps into my eye every time! SUBSTANCE - could we get a complete definition of that it means to have a company with SUBSTANCE ? Where would it be cheapest to setup such a company without to live in the same country? I believe Romania and...
  18. B

    Cashout crypto + possibly use the company (in UAE maybe?? - but which bank then?)

    Hi all! I am in an interesting (but probably common) situation. I have earned some crypto by doing some services on some projects. Of course, there is no evidence of that (so basically I also have no way in which I can show that I have bought some crypto at some point and then made profit). The...
  19. nt2065

    Who can I get i proof of residency in English.

    I live In Brazil but all my proof of residency documents are in Portuguese and they are asking for me a proof of residency in English for open the offshore who can I solve this problem?
  20. T

    Will my offshore Romanian company report to my current country of residence?

    I'm in the process of opening an offshore company and a bank account in Romania. Now will the Romanian bank or authorities report this to my current country of resident because of crs? The company will only be making peanuts for the first six months, no more than 1000 usd in revenue. I...