1. B

    Where to open my business bank account and register my company?

    Hello friends, I need your help. I am trying to register my company where I will pay the lowest TAX. Also, I must to be able to have PayPal business account because most of my customers will pay me with PayPal. Can you recommend me where to open my businesses bank account and where to register...
  2. E

    Any trustworthy list of Offshore Company & bank service providers?

    Hi, new here and don't know if there's already an open thread regarding this, but I didn't find any specific. So to my question, I'would like to open an offshore company and bank acc, but with so many service providers being entitled as scams I don't know where to go. I've seen some people here...
  3. O

    Offshore Company Formation - Software / Web Application

    Hello, I am looking for help how to save money on my business. So to me: I own 100% of a holding in Germany which in turn has a subsidiary also in Germany. The subsidiary has software where customers pay monthly or annually. The money goes to me in the holding company where I manage...
  4. N

    Seychelles company formation for crypto business

    Hi, Can you guys recommend a service which opens Seychelles IBC and which is a) trustworthy and b) opens companies for blockchain business? Some company formation services don't open Seychelles companies when they hear that the business is crypto/blockchain related.
  5. Wize

    Anyone used B.R.I.S Group

    Hi Looking to see if anyone has used Bris-Group ( for company formation or Shelf Company purchases. Would like to here what your experiences were or are?
  6. O

    Best Bank Account Option for Hong Kong OffShore Company?

    Hello everybody, I'm having some trouble in opening a corporate bank account for my Hong Kong Company. Does anyone knows another good and reliable offshore country in which it's easy to open a offshore, 0% taxation, bank account? I sell products and services through ecommerce all over the...
  7. W

    Looking to set up a Paypal business/company account.

    I'm looking to set up a paypal business account without using any ID/utility bill/et al. What would be the best way to go about this, and how much would you estimate that it would cost? I reckon the best way is to open a cheap shell company somewhere and use them to open a paypal account? Does...
  8. luk

    Company structure for an adult website

    I want to create a company for our adult website. I don't want my name to be too visible or too associated with the company (so, for example, it doesn't have to be disclosed when applying for a bank account, merchant account or paying taxes). Also would be good to pay as little taxes as possible...
  9. I

    Merchant account for Hong Kong company

    So about a year ago I opened a company in Hong Kong, and now I just finished the development of an ecommerce store. I want to start accepting card payments on the site, but the merchant accounts I have applied with, all of them require a bank statement. I have a business account but...
  10. X

    Dual citizen need help best combo offshore company + bank account

    Hi, Im a dual citizen of the US & Morocco (have both passports), Im a trader (own money), looking for best combo offshore company + bank account to get advantageous on taxes. Need maximum privacy. Thanks!
  11. J

    Which is the best setup for a professional bettor?

    Hi,i am a professional bettor and I need help.I don't know which is the best jurisdiction for company formation.
  12. E

    Company + bank account for internet business

    Hi guys, im new here. I had plan to open online business and I need to register company and have bank account with it. Preferable without any visits around the globe. My online business is related to selling digital goods such are analytical data for e-commerce, keeping track of certain data...
  13. D

    How to avoid the UBO register in Europe?

    Now there is a publicly accessible UBO register in many EU countries and the rest will have such a register in a few weeks. Is there any solution that could help me to avoid this? Let's say I would use an offshore foundation or trust then would I still have to file myself as the UBO of my EU...
  14. D

    Remote car registration in Europe

    Is it possible to remotely register a car in any EEA country? I'll purchase a car in one EU country but I want it to be registered in any other EU country (not for tax or privacy reasons). I would register a company in that EU country and would put the car under that company's name and register...
  15. J

    Panamanian Company with Cyprus bank Account??? Help!!!

    HI Everyone I am new to this world of offshore corporations and everything here, I really like this topic and I have basically learned a bit by myself. So the situation is this, Me and my dad we opened a company in panama, he is a panamanian citizen by naturalization . I am not. I currently...
  16. A

    Offshore Company + bank + merchant for online business. [CONSULTATION NEEDED]

    Hello, I need some advise regarding formation of offshore company. Here is short brief about my business. I have an online business which sells online courses. My website is also membership based. Members pays monthly fee to access some areas on the website. This is also affiliated website. Each...
  17. D

    I want a simple shell company and a bank account

    The company has one and only one function: Allowing me to open a bank account in Singapore. In fact I have no need for a company if I can open a "business" account in Singapore without it. There will be no other interests. I will not care about, for example, how to sell the company, what's the...
  18. Flycatcher

    Offshore Company + Bank + Merchant Acc. for a startup?

    Hey all! I recently got interested in establishing an offshore company, sorry, I just found OffshoreCorpTalk and already want to make a post asking questions, please forgive me. >.< I don't want to appear as a typical noob, here I'll try to make my case clear... So! Here's my business plan...