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Eastern Europe TAX for companies

Zordani said:
Are Eastern Europe companies exempted from paying taxes for Cyprus off-shores? I don't remember where I read that, but I read it somewhere on the web.
If a Cyprus company is structured ie with a local director, gives a Cyprus Tax resident status to your company, so a 10% tax is payable on the company’s net profits.

If you want a Cyprus non tax resident status, then you need to change the local director to a foreign director. In this case, tax will be zero.
clemens said:
But if you don't have a nominee director or shareholder you can't have everything anonymous, right?
That’s will have you to choose between to pay 10% Tax and be 100% anonymous or to pay 0% Tax and be the director for the company.
No that's not exactly how it is.

With a foreigner as nominee director and shareholder and registering your cyprus company as an IBC, will give you the 0% tax and also you can register a anonymous company that way.

If local directors and shareholders as nominees are used, the company will be subject to 10% tax!

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