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Hello to everyone,

I have a company in Hong Koing since 2011, I live in Tunisia and the company bank account is located in Switzerland since 5 years. Unfortunately the Swiss bank asked me to open my bank account elsewhere because they can no longer accept this kind of arrangement under the new law.

I have tried several organizations like Statrys, Currenxie, Transferwise... but each time the opening is denied without communicating the reason. Do you know a bank that can open a business account remotely without having to travel ? or otherwise any EMI that accept HK companies, so that I can transfer the funds I have in switzerland on it. The bank in Switzerland refuses any commercial transfer to another account/name unless the account is under the same name of the company I currently have with them.

Thank you for your help guys


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Send me an email, so we could speak more in detail about your business activities and other details. I might be able to help you.


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There are various banks and EMI that provide individual (Dedicated) IBAN accounts, but each institution has own onboarding policy, requirements etc. It is necessary to understand type of your business activity first of all.


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i have the same situation , but i dont have account in swiss.
neat i have submitted like 2 weeks there is no news till yet.
Statrys, Currenxie they denied with no reason.


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do they give you IBAN on which beneficiary is your company ? or it is Bank who is beneficiary? And would you mind they provide you which bank at the backhand
Paysera gives you a dedicated IBAN that can receive and send SEPA and SWIFT in EUR in your personal and company name. They open personal account as well as business account for non-EEA residents and for high reputable Offshore jurisdictions like Dubai Onshore companies if you know how to do it.

Fees are very affordable compared to all the other Lithuania EMI that try to rip you off and are limited to SEPA or SWIFT in the name of the EMI only.
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