EMI with personal IBAN accounts?

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by extremedox101, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    where some EMI's that offer iban accounts based on usa,canda ,uk, germany,swiss to send or receive (two ways) ?

    if possible serving 190+ countries and allow more currencies .
  2. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    sorry, but what is wrong with MisterTango and Revolut? seems I don't really understand your question..may just be me :D
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  3. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    no worries , neither i do use one of them because they are crypto but i will leave these options opened.
    is mistertango more reliable ?
  4. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    who can point me to emi with these options :

    - accept most /all countries and with express card shipping
    -west europe/usa/offshore countries provider
    - adult friendly (in affiliate business to receive payments )
    - dedicated personal iban + prepaid card (i don't care if single card has withdrawal limits i.e 20,000 a year )
    - world class support or at least good quality , quick and answer all inquiries no hassle when receiving or sending payments no question everything work like charm aswell automatic)
    - reloading card via external card is big bonus but optional .
    - high reputation + reliable site .

    + i don't mind charged greater annual fee than other emis i have used .
  5. nitehawk

    nitehawk Active Member

    epayments is a good one but they will definately ask you where the money is going and ask for invoices. Paysera is another good one that is more automated.
  6. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    thank you, epayments is no go for me . i can't describe how ridiculous they are .
  7. The Hun

    The Hun New Member

    I can confirm Mistertango is doing the same...