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MG Gold Seller Estonian company with a branch in Bulgaria (crypto exchange + wallet license)

Only for Mentor Group Gold members who want to open a paid Sticky thread for their services inside the Marketplace.
Alright, thank you for that.

I think it's reasonably fair for me to conduct some brief due dilligence, if that's ok. I'm curious how you came into possession of such a specialist setup, is this your profession, or just a hobby? What experience have you got with operating companies of a similar corporate structure?

You've said it's licensed in Bulgaria to provide "virtual currency exchange and wallet services", to clarify does this mean the business is licensed as a VASP?
Happy to provide more details by email.
I have quite broad experience in legal/financial services - so yes im a professional helping people grow their wealth.
With this structure I had an idea that didn't materialize as I got tangled up in some other business.

I have managed both DEX and CEX type exchanges so know a thing or do about the relevant regulations, fundraising + we have achieved 100k+ users in one CEX operation Im involved in.
Bulgaria issues authorizations for legally providing virtual currency wallet and exchange services for which the company has relevant certifications although technically its not called a license.
See the relevant public register here:
How many companies you have for sale?
Just one with virtual currency wallet and exchange licenses.

Normal shelf companies are also available, but this is a cross-border structure, so thought it was worth a separate thread.
So currently the company has certifications to
legally providing virtual currency wallet and exchange services
But my needs would more specifically fall into VASP licensing. You mentioned that it could
can be possibly structured as exempt from VASP licensing in Estonia, but you still need to follow AML compliance
I'd be interested to discuss. Where can I find your email?