EU company incorporation with special requirements

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  1. c4labs

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    Hello there,

    I would like to set up an EU company (UK, Malta, CY, BG, whatever but in Europe) with those requirements:
    You can provide:
    Full set of documents : Article of association (needs to list: shareholders, directors, address, signed), etc/
    Utility bill less than 3 months (rental agreement, gaz, electricity)
    Bank account in the same country if possible
    Director nominee (with the ID of the director)
    Shareholder nominee (with the ID of the shareholder) could be the same as the director
    VAT number if possible
    Rental agreement contract

    Open to buy a shelf company as well if not blacklisted by visa/mastercard

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  2. Admin

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    Well most of the providers around are able to help you with the setup of a EU entity like that and provide all the required documents, EXCEPT the passport / ID you require there you may have faced the troubles. Anyway, what business are you into and what do you need the director & shareholder documents for ?
  3. c4labs

    c4labs Active Member

    thank you for the answer.
    Business: ecommerce (legit activity)
    Passports: for payment providers KYC and activation
    that is why I need nominees.
  4. Safa

    Safa Corporate Services Business Angel

    Did you found a nominee service that will provide the documents required for your payment processing needs? If so please let me know would be great to know.
  5. c4labs

    c4labs Active Member

    I keep you posted :cool: I had some calls etc. but it is not easy and what I wanted
    I did not want in the UK (ok ok I need more time to exclude the UK from EU :p), and I got a full service for 8k per year if someone is okay with the country/price, it is high quality

    I will post more info when I have something in a different country
  6. David97255

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    Why not UK? For business it s good and accepted everywhere...brexit or not
  7. c4labs

    c4labs Active Member

    Not really for ecommerce websites from what I experience with some clients, also the UK gov can be picky with the VAT number and VISA/MC too with virtual offices (they can easily check them)
    otherwise for other business (like consulting or more complicated company structure), I agree, it is still a good location for incorporating companies
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  8. Samuel Newman

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    Cyprus and Malta will work for you completely well
    you just need to discuss all your requirments with a provider before start
    agents usually provide KYC documents of nominees

    it is still possible to get all this staff in UK
    but lease agreement, UK director and VAT numver will cause additional costs
  9. David97255

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    What do you mean by lease agreement, kind of office or rental? or the agent agreement?
  10. Samuel Newman

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    OP told that he needs it
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