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Hello, everybody!

I've been reading this community for a couple of weeks, and many months I've been going around with ideas, the problem is that there is so much information, that you don't know what is true or real.

I have a company in Europe (Spain) and I would like to take money legally from this company to an offshore company and pay few or very few taxes.

The offshore or European company should be anonymous, to avoid that the Spanish treasury does not suspect.

We are talking about about 4000 euros/month

Some ideas?

Thank you :)


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For the time and hassel of set up and ongoing costs you are better off to either buy crypto or not bother.


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Get yourself a setup with darks and an advcash account so you will be good to go. Can be done fast and not that expensive compared to a large setup to cover 4000 euro a month!


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1. Nothing is 100% anonymous. If you care about setting up a structure to maintain your privacy, it would cost you a lot. Yes, a lot - I mean it. Consider if it's better to pay your tax.

2. Think about it again when you want to move 40,000 euros/month.

3. I'm honest.
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