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Expenses for MJ Funeral


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Mar 3, 2009
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So the city of Los Angeles is asking for tax-deductible donations to help pay for security and other services provided for Michael Jackson's funeral. Shouldn't Jackson's estate be responsible for stuff like this?
jamesb said:
You are somewhat correct however it is not the Jackson family fault that everyone is heading down to LA to try and witness some part of the funeral. Its a bit of a messy situation.
Exactly why should the public of LA pay for this ?
I would say the Jackson should pay if they had invited them. which I supposed they did not.

So, it is the same like a a baseball match. The city has to pay for all what the visitors left over.

Or did you ask the winning baseball team or the loser to pay for the mess after a game?
I think the Jackson family should pay for these expenses. Why should tax payer money go toward this? Not every tax payer was allowed tickets into the memorial so why should they pay?

Use Michael's assets and pay for it. They should've known of these expenses before hand. Don't rob the tax payers!
I think so to. Why let the taxpayers pay for someone else's funeral. Even if he was admired by a lot of people why let them pay just to see your funeral. I think MJ's family should be responsible and not the people of LA.
This is so sad, it's not the jackson's family fault why a lot of people wants to go to MJ's funeral but I guess they should compromise, a part of it should be paid by MJ's assets and a part of it should be paid by LA. Don't fight with it, MJ's dead for god sakes.
The Jackson family and MJ's assets are enough to cover the costs. They chose to have the memorial so they have to pay for it.

I would be pissed if I was a citizen of California. My tax dollars spent unwisely on something that never benefited me.

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