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Has anyone heard of this payment merchant service provider?

Are you selling it or something? Not sure why you're shilling it?
I don't sell it, but can only say I have been part of the mentor group gold for a very long time. It's one of the best things around here for fast response as well as advanced business structures.

If you didn't get response you may have made something wrong, you could as well reach out to people which MG Gold makes possible.

Don't turn this into a discussion about Mentor group gold - stick to the topic, I wonder why @JohnLocke didn't cleaned the thread already!

Did you deal with Paycly at all? At first glance they seemed to be run by the same people as webpays. They mentioned a Chinese bank to me. It seemed sketchy at the time so I never moved forward.

I tried going through the entire application process with them, just to find my self fooled into business conditions I couldn't work with. They also work unprofessional in my eyes.
They had 4 weeks delay in the payout and 20% holdback which is totally unacceptable!
Treat Webpays a bit like Ebola.
Are there other, better payment service providers?

I have found the following website. certainly interesting for one or the other, but rather the big providers in the process

Also, a slightly older article on Offshore and High Risk Payment Processor. What do you think about this:

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