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Hello from Sweden! Complicated situation

Yeah, unfortunately, Sweden nowadays is not like I remember it 20 years ago. And it's probably too late to save it now.
No place on earth is like it was 20 years ago! Just get used to it, you either make some sophisticated corporate structure that is legal or you will be a slave of the governments soon.

That said, I believe @GORDY left the boat or found the solution, maybe he relocated to Somalia.
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If you only care about the money and daily life probably yes
100% this!
as long as you are old enough for not be in the army.
I also agree 100% with this. smi(&%

I consider my younger years as really "gullible" (not stupid, as I have a different definition of stupid than most people), but I was NEVER EVER so gullible to allow ANYONE to volunteer me for a fight to the death against an opponent I don't have a chance to vet beforehand.

Studying overseas in the US also, I was never approached to be in any military. Not that it would have mattered. If Muhammad Ali refused, so could I.
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Hello guy!
I am glad to find this amazing forum.

I wonder if anywone have tips how i can set up my company structure for optimal TAX planing.
I have a TAX advisor right now but he is a pussy and can not think outside the box.

My situation:
i have 4 compnays, i live in sweden and i pay way to mutch taxes.
1 Swedish Holding Company (Owned By Me)
2 Swedish Construction Company (Owned by Swedish Holding Company)
3 Swedish Construction Company (Owned by Swedish Holding Company)
4 UAE freezone company

My first ide was do get rid of my swedish TAX residens and cash out in UAE .
But as i come to learn with all assets, compnies i have even if im not living in sweden i will still have to pay the TAXes there becous of my stong conections to sweden...
So now im looking to make some kind of offshore structure, any one have some tips how to get out of this s**t hole of taxation ?
Where did you go, or did you stayed in Sweden ?