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I intend to go to live in Indonesia, how could I have an online bank account in Indonesia without going through KYC and avoiding control if I am European, specifically from Spain


Mentor Group Gold,a%20credit%2Fdebit%20card.

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Can I open a bank account from abroad?​

Yes, you can open a bank account from abroad, as long as you work with a lawyer who you have granted power of attorney. At the moment you can not open an account online as a foreigner.

Can I open a bank account as a non-resident of Indonesia?​

Yes, it is possible but many banks still do require some type of stay permit (i.e. Temporary Residence Permit Card) before they allow you to open a bank account. If you can find a bank which has adopted the new reform allowing non-residents to easily open accounts, you’ll find three different account options to choose from. The options are the Limited Balance Tourist Account (USD $2,000 - USD $50,000), Unlimited Balance Expat Account (From $50,000 and up) and the Special Balance Expat Account (Balance must exceed 1 million USD). To open these accounts you would just need some combination of a passport and one additional document (e.g reference document from a bank in your country of origin, domicile letter of the expat, identity papers of the spouse, copies of residence contracts, or a credit/ debit card.) Also, these are (non-rupiah) bank accounts and must be denominated in USD.


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If/when migrating formally out of Europe make sure you sign up to a LOT of bank accounts and EMIs before you leave!

Doing that saved me through this scamdemic & made it possible for me to get my assets out of tightly controlled banks in Norway... Transferwise especially has been extremely valuable.

I have a friend living in Bali with a work permit, seems things are very much doable & affordable when it comes to actually working there - look into setting up a company or downright buying a work permit via an agent.

With a work permit you might then open accounts in the normal way. Should be doable also on any visa if you just go from branch to branch until someone are OK, or use an agent to get it done :)
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